Secure and fast diagnosis for skin lesions


Our offer


  • CE-certified mobile application and digital decision support platform with integrations to existing patient records/imaging systems
  • Secure and fast collection of images and patient data
  • Enables fast and efficient process for multidisciplinary diagnosis
  • Skin lesions, chronic wounds, general dermatology
  • Unique features create continuous learning for GPs, Dermatologists and Nurses.
30-days free trial

Implementation support

  • Possibility to set-up pilot projects quickly
  • Well-established process for implementation on a larger scale
  • Support in optimizing clinical work processes
  • Standardized image formats enable simple integrations

Today’s flow creates long patient waiting times and high costs

High patient numbers

Primary care

More responsibility

Shortage of resources

Uncertainty in diagnosis

Unnecessary removal of nevi


Unnecessary referrals

Long waiting time and anxiety

Increased risk of cancer growth

Derm. Specialist

Unnecessary referrals

Resource shortage

Unnecessary removal of nevi

Lack of information

How does Dermicus decision support work?


Physical visit to primary care centre

1. GP meets a patient and administer regular patient data recording

2. Full body examination with a manual Dermatoscope

3. Use of Dermicus mobile app to capture and send images of suspicious skin lesions


Dermatologists analysis

1. Dermatologist will be notified of new incoming patient cases

2. Review of images and patient data

3. Provide diagnosis and recommendation to General Practitioner


Follow-up primary care centre

1.  Primary care centre receives a response with a specialists consultation within 3 days

2. Review the recommendations on Dermicus web application,

3. Contact the patient for further handling

4. Finalise patient case

Benefits to all parties

Secure & Fast diagnosis

Reduced excisions

Reduced referrals

Continuous learning

Large savings


Fewer excisions with Dermicus

23 000 EUR

Savings per year for S:t Eriks primary care centre

Who make the consultations?

Consultations are carried out by your own local/regional dermatologists.

If necessary, a second opinion from experienced dermatologists is offered via Gnosco.

We at Gnosco can provide recommendations on how to structure assessments and optimize the associated clinical work process.

We at Gnosco provide support during the implementation phase.

Reference case: Sthlm County Council

< 1 week

From first patient visit in primary care to excision

From 50 to 6

In Number Needed to Excise (NNE)

Fast process to capture images and patient data

Modern digital platform

User-friendly design adapted for desktop, tablet & mobile

Flexible section for consultations and group discussions between healthcare professionals

Clear section for clinical image comparison over time

Possibility to invite external local colleagues

Search and Filter function

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