Do you want to become an expert

in dermatoscopy?


We offer an educational program for both First Line Clinicians (General Practitioners) and Dermatology Specialists. The program aims to improve knowledge about Malignant Melanoma and other related skin-diseases, how to detect Malignant Melanoma in an early stage using dermatoscopy.

The course also include an optional part about the teledermatolgy system, Dermicus, as well as information how to work more effecient with patient flow.


Can you spot the melanomas on the images below?

Revised Pattern Analysis & Chaos and Clues

The course is based on the famous algoritm by Harald Kittler and the “Revised Pattern Analysis”. This algoritm has been used by e.g. Karolinska University Hospital for several years and is proven to be working very well.

“Revised Pattern Analysis” and  “Chaos and Clues” are also very good in educational purposes. By learning dermatoscopy through these methods, you are also more prepared for start using mobile teledermatoscopy.

Online course


We are currently setting up our well established education program as an online course.

If you are interested to participate, please, send us an email and we will get back to you with information.

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