Our mission is to digitally transform health care industry by user friendly digital products, improved processes and continuous learning.

Our History


Our Birth

The telemedicine platform Dermicus was originally founded 2010 by MD, PhD Johan Heilborn. Johan realized that there was a really big need for a mobile application and a platform where he as a specialist could handle patient cases including images and clinical information related to skin cancer. In addition, Johan also has a big drive to spread the important knowledge of detecting melanoma and other skin deceases as soon as possible. Therefor, he designed a platform that could fill the need of efficient and continuous education, both for Specialists in dermatology and for General Practitioners. One of the main goal was to find a platform that could contribute to a more qualitative patient experience.


Collaborative Product Development

The platform, application, and education program is developed in close collaboration with Specialists in Dermatology and General Practitioners. Over the years the product development has been advised by legal and technical resources at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. During 2012 the first beta-version was launched and implemented through a pilot test in several Primary Care centers in Stockholm.


Product launch

In 2014, Dermicus platform and mobile application were CE-certified, which meant that the product could be launched. Several clinical studies and projects have been performed to prove the effects and quality increase. During this year, the company Gnosco was created around Dermicus and the serial entrepreneur Daniel Eliasson joined the company as co-owner and CEO. The m-Health company Gnosco offers services for improvement of internal communication, documentation and education within healthcare and hospitals.


Implementation & Growth

During 2015 and 2016 the team around Dermicus has started to grow and several additional areas and opportunities for the platform has started to emerge. Pilot projects in UK and several partnership agreements have been signed during 2016. The Dermicus platform has delivered more than 9000 consultations and maintains more than 36.000 images. During 2017 and 2018, the roll-out and international expansion continues.

We improve the patient experience and decrease health care costs

Patient consultations
Less excisions by using Dermicus
Million EURO in possible savings per year only in Sweden

Our Team


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